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Hoarding or Decluttering

When you look at a cluttered home, it becomes very hard to know where to start. Usually in a hoarding situation, it has taken years for the home to get into this condition and the dangers are everywhere if it is not cleaned and disinfected properly.
When you call us, we come in and start separating the refuse and the items that you want to keep. In many cases, there are collectibles scattered throughout the home. We spend the time to remove each piece of clutter one at a time where we store the items to keep in bins and begin to bag all other garbage and waste.
We remove it from the home discreetly so that the neighbors are not aware of what is going on.
In some cases, we can be in and out in a day as long as we have complete access to the premises.
Whether you have been ordered to cleanup your property or risk being removed from your home, or you just want to do a heavy-duty cleanup, we can help. Call us today for a no obligation estimate.

Is a Hoarding Home Hazardous or Dangerous?

Wherever there is debris that sits for long periods of time, there are biohazards. These must be addressed before anyone is allowed back in the home due to safety concerns.
The home is unlivable and unsafe when:
You cannot easily move from room to room
You have to climb over debris, garbage, animal droppings or dead pets.
You cannot safely store food in your kitchen
You cannot bathe and use the toilet without risking a fall or contamination from a biohazard.

What You Don’t Need

We never come into your home and judge you or your relative. We see this every day. There are statistically over 19 million hoarders in the United States. Your case is not unique. What it really is, is dangerous and time to get you or your loved one back into a safe environment.
You need an expert who will be considerate and respectful and discreet. Another Bio Company is all of those! Call us today to get on track to a safe healthy living space again.

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