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Violent Crimes Clean Up

We live in violent times and we are aware that sometimes people fall victim to tragedies. In an unexpected event of being a victim of a violent crime, we are the professionals to call to help restore your property to a safe living environment again. We maintain discretion and professionalism no matter what the circumstances are. When bad things happen, one call to Another Bio Company is all you need to do.


Another Bio Company is committed to promptly, discreetly and safely cleaning and disinfecting your home to help you move past the traumatic experience of a loss of life in or around you. We understand the need for operating with discretion, so we utilize vehicles that are unmarked to ensure that your confidentiality and privacy is maintained. We provide all cleaning operations for crime scenes, unattended death and traumatic events.

Meth Lab Clean Up

In the event of cleaning and decontaminating an area where Methamphetamine was present, special procedures must be followed because the remains of a meth lab can be extremely hazardous. We follow strict guidelines as well as following all State and OSHA guidelines and regulations. We also use OSHA approved test kits to ensure that all hazardous chemicals are removed before we leave the job.

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